About Me

Stacy Cunningham, Psy.D

Hi I’m Stacy!

I am a made up therapist for the purposes of this website.  In 2010 I founded Turtle Doves Psychotherapy in order to help couples find that lost spark in the their relationships.  One of my many specialties is to mend broken trust and teach conflict resolutions techniques.

My Background

After graduating from my undergraduate program at the University of University of California I attended Stanford University to acquire my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  Upon completion of my doctorate I worked for a small private practice in the Los Angeles area, but finally decided that I wanted a change of scene and society and moved to San Francisco to open my own practice.

My Approach & Philosophy

Each new couple that I work with goes through assessment process.  I will interview the couple together, and then individually so that I can get a sense where each individual is at in the relationship and what they view to be the biggest issues within the relationship.


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Mon – Fri: 10am – 9pm
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