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Rekindle lost romance and develop better methods of communication!

Couples Counseling


    Here at Turtle Doves Couples Counseling I use research based methods for helping couples address problems within their relationships.

    Manage Conflict

    Relationship conflict is natural and can have functional, positive aspects. While working with me you will learn how to better communicate with your partner to handle conflict when it arrises.

    Create Shared Meaning

    Learn to understand important visions, narratives, myths, and metaphors about your relationship.

    Regain Trust

    There may be many reason why the trust has been lost in the relationship.  Without that trust it can be hard for a relationship to flourish.

    Stacy Cunningham, Psy.D

    Hi, I’m Stacy and I have been doing couples counseling for the past ten years.  I have a passion for helping couples rekindle their lost romance and finding new ways to express their feeling and emotions to one another.

    As a therapist I focus on using the Gottman Method, an evidence-based therapeutic method.  This method focuses on dealing with the perpetual problems within the relationship. 

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